... Catering tailored to your brand

A Bavarian dinner in Hamburg? Or a culinary trip to the Rheinland at the Hannovermesse? No problem at all. mks believe that coherent brand experience should extend to your guests' palates, no matter where your brand is communicating. Our speciality is catering with individual food concepts for any exhibition venue, from the long-established and sophisticated to the exclusive. Our four-level catering concept creates for you the best possible combination of quality, price and food experience. We are very happy to reveal to you our approach.

How much mks is in you?
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  • Tailor-made dining concepts
  • Creative finger food
  • Live cooking
  • Conception, planning and implementation of on-stand parties
  • Cocktails suitable for your corporate identity
  • Fresh smoothies
  • Coffee bar with baristas
  • Crew catering
  • Kitchen planning and furnishing (in coordination with your stand constructor)
  • Draught dispensing technology
  • On-site service


...or communication for the palate
It's based on putting your individual wishes into practice. By this we mean consultation and putting together dishes which fit perfectly with your company and the respective communication goals for your exhibition. With an experienced team of event specialists and gastronomy experts, we develop the ideas which will enthral your customers.

... or paella for Hannover
The selection of products is complex in different ways depending on the venue. We make sure the products are bought from whoever promises the highest quality and organise the transport of all products to the venue. Only upon arrival at the venue will the ingredients be prepared under our direction. This guarantees that dishes are fresh and of a consistently high level of quality at any venue of your choosing.

...hand-picked and high-quality
For your exhibition and your event we search for the right catering experts locally. After three decades of mks, we have established a network of reliable, quality-oriented partners all over Europe to whom we go back time again during the selection process. This guarantees an attractive price-performance ratio and collaboration with professionals. Since we are not dependent on selling our cooks, equipment and crockery we are able to concentrate fully on your needs.

... we are on-site
Your personal point of contact during conception continues to support you on-site during the event - as a team manager, as a quality controller, as an interface with the catering team. A maxim also applicable in the world of event gastronomy: "Some things can't be explained, they come down to experience". Your event manager from mks knows this exactly and will deal with everything for you on-site.

The best way to learn about our service is by taking a look at projects we have already completed. The case studiesshow how we have gone about solving our clients' special requests in the past with specific examples. Be inspired for your event!